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Listing Safety


 Bergren Real Estate & Auction L.L.C. is committed to promoting safe showing and marketing practices. By choosing to work Bergren Real Estate & Auction L.L.C., you’ve already taken an important first step! We are trained professionals, and we’ll take every precaution to ensure the safety of everyone involved, as well as your property.   

The good news is that we live in Iowa and benefit from extremely low crime rate. In fact, it’s entirely unlikely there will be any safety issues at all. However, to be sure we ask that during the listing period of your home, you might please consider a few recommendations:   

  • Valuables: Valuables include everything from mail left on the countertops (which may contain personal information) to such items as jewelry, money, artwork, laptops, cellphones and gaming systems. Please remove these items from plain view and away from front of drawers.   
  • Personal info: We recommend the removal of unnecessary personal items in your home. This not only helps stage your home, but it’s also an important way to protect your privacy. This might include framed diplomas, awards, family photos, wall calendars, reminder boards, address books, diaries or journals.    
  • Medications: Please remove or secure all prescription medications in your home.   
  • Weapons: Please remove or safely store all firearms, weapons or other objects that could be potentially harmful.   
  • We advise that you don’t open your door to any strangers who might inquire about your home.  Contact Bergren Real Estate & Auction L.L.C. to help potential buyers schedule a showing.       

Property Data Sheets and Disclosures

Information received from sources believed to be reliable. Sellers do not guarantee their accuracy. Buyers are invited to do their own research prior to sale.     

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